TOO HUMAN - Silicon Knights/Microsoft - X360 - 2008 Position:Environment Artist

"Aesir C3 Hallway" - Layout and mesh placement for this area. Custom built all meshes used
in bridge, ceiling and floors. - Textures and Shader work by Alex Golebiowski and Raff Ienco.
"Aesir Multiplayer Room" - Layout, mesh creation and placement for this hallway and connecting
room. Built custom view-screen mesh and shader seen in the distance. - Valkyrie statue made by
Zac Alcampo, Flooring materials made by Alex Golebiowski.
"World Serpent EngineRoom" Built and arranged ribbing/backbone meshes that span this room.
Also built glass panels and braces for the floor along with the back wall meshes. -Main shelling of
the room by Iain Gordon and Chris Iacobucci
"World Serpent Door" Painted textures for door and pipes that were used to create various assets
in this level. - Hi poly modeling of door texture by Aaron Hoffman - Hi poly modeling of pipes
texture by Chris Lewis
"World Serpent Piston Room" Layout, mesh arrangement and creation. Built left side wall custom
meshes using texture I paint for door. - Hi poly modeling of door texture by Aaron Hoffman.
"World Serpent TankRoom" Layout and mesh arrangement. Created custom tank units that line
the walls and center piece at the end of the ramp. Painted textures used by those assets. -
Flooring modeled by Aaron Hoffman
"World Serpent TankRoom Hallway" Layout and arrangement using preexisting mesh-kits. Painted
the texture used by round arches in the center of the composition.
"Hall of Heroes Medallion" Painting of textures and creation of shader from base Ao and Normal
maps. - Hi-poly texture modeled by Jawahar Deep Singh Bhatti