DARKSIDERS - Silicon Knights/Vigil Games - X360 Position:Environment Artist

"Eden Tree" - Created textures and geo for the waterfall Pillars and Archway seen in the mid ground.
I also placed most of the foliage seen in environment. Additional wall and pillar geometry was
created by Mark Toemi.

Painted wall and doorway textures from base AO and Normals originally created by Aaron Hoffman.

"Subway" - For this room I was given blueroom geo, and then proceeded to populate it using meshes
created by the rest of the team as well as building many custom parts used for the broken
walls, floors, rubble, supports and facade elements. The lighting was done by Qiong Pan.

"Iron Canopy" - Working from blueroom geo and textures provided by Vigil Games, I developed
the layout for this area and proceeded to model and place most of its elements, with
the exception of the elevator shaft which was made by Tony Tsang.

An earlier version of the "Iron Canopy Area" as it appeared before material adjustments
were made for continuity between rooms in the final game.