THE DARKNESS 2 - Digital Extremes/2K Games - X360/PS3/PC - 2012

For this project I was one of two texture artists tasked with both creating textures and also with
applying Artstyle adjustments to all existing textures provided by the rest of the environment
A breakdown of typical Artstyle treatment. Base textures provided by the environment team are
clarified and more definition is added to reinforce normals. In the last stage surfacing,
stains\overlays are added, shading is enhanced and a “hatching pass” is applied by hand.
“Estacado Mansion” for this level I was tasked with creating textures for the walls, ceilings,
damage decals, carpeting and tiled floor sections as well as Artstyle adjustments for all
textures. Concept and level layout by Wll Makra.
Breakdown of textures I created for use in the bed and bathroom sections.
For this section I created the textures used for the damage decals, kitchen walls and tile flooring
seen above.
“Carnival” for this level I created both the meshes and textures for the concession stands/booth as
well as some of the signage, plywood boards and did Artstyle adjustments to existing textures.
Concept and level layout by Frank Trzcinski.
Breakdown of concession stand/booth textures.

“Poker Diner” Created textures for walls, ceiling and floors along with Artstyle adjustments to the
existing assets created by Mike Marquis and Haine Kim.
“Hell” For this level I was tasked with creating textures for the scale floors and large “Cilia”
tentacles that make up the bulk of this area. I was also involved in the final modeling and
optimization pass for the floors and structural elements with the help of Jason Lavoie. Level
concept by Will Makra and level layout by Erwin Evegaars.
Breakdown of the scale textures that were vert blended together to make up the floors.
Breakdown of “Cilia” tentacle textures. A custom shader was created for these by Jeremy
Mathes so that they pulse and wriggle to give the forms more life as they twist through the level.